Bamboo ID request (w/ pictures)

Bamboo ID request (w/ pictures)

am 31.05.2006 00:55:01 von Inquisitive

Hi again,

Christopher, Zone 5 New Jersey here. I was hoping you could help me
identify my preliminary bamboo plants. I will post pictures on

The first bunch (bamboo 1) are plants that were growing in my back woods.
With very dense shade, they averaged around 3 feet tall, but when I
transplanted them with partial shade, some of them went up to around 15
feet. I transplanted these two summers ago, rhizomes and culms.

The second bunch (bamboo 2) were transplanted from a friend's house in
Rye, New York, just last year. The new shoots are very thin, and I'm
pretty sure they are different from bamboo 1. My friend planted three of
these by the town dump around 20 years ago, and they have grown into a
very dense forest approximately 60 feet by 40 feet, some reaching 20 - 25
feet (lots of sun).

Both are runners.

Any i.d. help is greatly appreciated.