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#1: 10 years on...

Posted on 2006-06-03 18:24:24 by mike.lowndes

10 years after this:
<a href=";q=mike+lowndes&amp;rnum=12&amp;hl=en#1ceb6cc2b37cb0d4" target="_blank"> /thread/f825cc7fd8a1766a/1ceb6cc2b37cb0d4?lnk=st&amp;q=mike+ lowndes&amp;rnum=12&amp;hl=en#1ceb6cc2b37cb0d4</a>

...the oak is thriving, outside, and now stands about 5ft high. I pinch
out buds and carefully prune each year. Trunk is now about 15 in
circumference near the base.

<a href="" target="_blank"> 532/</a>

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