Dwarf Jade/Portulacaria afra

Dwarf Jade/Portulacaria afra

am 25.06.2006 22:03:35 von brian200

I'm new to the art of Bonsai here and have had a Portulacaria afra for
a few years now and would like to start pruning it better and take
clippings to create some new ones as well.

What is a good soil mixture for this type?

What books are good resources for this type of Bonsai?

What website(s) have good pruning advice for this type of Bonsai?

Will this type tolerate direct sunlight after having only limited
amounts of direct sunlight for two years?

What styles of Bonsai work best through pruning and wiring for this

What soil type is best for clippings to create a new one (and how long
to use this soil type)?

What is the perfered PH level for the soil and water?

What size pot to use (and for how long) for new trees from clippings?

Does anyone know if there are still any retail stores in the Milwaukee,
WI area that sell Bonsai supplies? I recently went to where one should
have been but it was closed up.