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#1: Baobab

Posted on 2006-06-30 12:40:02 by soltan

Hi I have several Baobab seedlings that I would like to grow into
bonsai. The care for these is hard to find.
I have gatherd that they are not cold resistant and should not be
watered in winter.
My seedlings are going through thier first winter now. I seem to have
gotten lucky at the moment as they seem to be still alive.
They got hit by a frost before I got them inside and all thier leaves
wilted.(even though the temps had been droping the trees never went
dormant and were still growing at this time) I brang them inside
thinking they were going to die. I was about to throw them out but I
decided to stick them away in a coubard as I had heard about others
putting them under thier bed for winter. They have been this way for
over a month and they seem to be still be alive with a green trunk.
My main questions are how do these trees usually go into dormancy. By
this I mean what temps will bring on leaf drop. Do they need a dormant
period or could they be grown indoors all year.
Also what would be the recomendation for bring my trees out of dormancy
and the regular process.
I should also note that my Baobabs are the Australian native ones named
Adansonia Gregorii and not the African variety but I am hoping the care
will be the same.
Thanks for any help.

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