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#1: Any suggestions regarding my concern about bonsai products?

Posted on 2006-07-12 04:34:46 by nicolety

My husband and I were married in Hawaii and I ordered the Hawaiian
umbrella tree from a reliable site at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> that was
referred by a friend. This Bonsai Tree was an anniversary gift to him.
Because of the weather I wasn't expecting to see it for awhile. When I
got home yesterday, it had arrived.....on our anniversary! It is the
most beautiful Bonsai Tree I have ever seen. We look forward to buying
many more trees from that site for a remarkable service. I do have
interest in buying Bonsai Seed kits, Ikebana, Specimen Bonsai
and Bonsai specimen. There are other interesting items found in their
site such as Bonsai Figurines, Feng Shui products, Feng Shui, Lucky
Bamboo, Lucky Bamboo pots, Lucky Bamboo kits, Bonsai humidity trays and
lots of Bonsai under $30.00. I think they also offer Bonsai tree
wholesale, Bonsai trees wholesale and Bamboo wholesale packages for
those who wants to have a business venture for all types of Bonsai.

Or is there anyone who can recommend a better site that offers more
bonsai products?


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