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#1: is it possible to grow fruit trees organically

Posted on 2006-07-24 06:09:47 by mcharon

hi we live in norhtern california about 1 hour south of san francisco
(zone 9b i think).
we would like to plant asian pears, apricots, parismons and avacado
trees, all dwarf types.

is it possible to care for asian pears, apricots, and grapes without
using chemicals?
if so, are there any websites you can point me to for more information?

our nursery seems to think that we may have proble with asian pears and
apricots if we don't treat them with pesticides.

we are also thinking of growing dwarf fig and tagerines in 15 gallon
pots. will the pots be big enough?

thank you in advance.

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