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#1: Re: Small Expectations

Posted on 2006-07-22 23:22:08 by Pat Gardiner

&quot;Jim Webster&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:Jim&#64;" target="_blank">Jim&#64;</a>&gt; wrote in message
news:<a href="mailto:4ifi2iF3i5qeU1&#64;" target="_blank">4ifi2iF3i5qeU1&#64;</a>
&gt; &quot;Old Codger&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:oldcodger&#64;" target="_blank">oldcodger&#64;</a>&gt; wrote in message
&gt; news:44c27e10$0$10949$<a href="mailto:fa0fcedb&#64;" target="_blank">fa0fcedb&#64;</a>
&gt;&gt; The inference of your remark is that you consider Jim gave poor advice.
&gt;&gt; That says much about your business acumen.
&gt;&gt; --
&gt; would you accept the advice of a person who invents cults and then accuses
&gt; people of being a member?

A damn sight smarter than someone who uses a signature like yours across the
Usenet in front of animals rights and welfare.

You have forgotten the &quot;doomsday.&quot;

Anyway anyone really curious can make up their own minds about your juvenile
activities. They can Google for Jim Webster and Vance, not forgetting Jim
Webster and wargames. The groups especially the closed groups are especially

What is your problem? Are you ashamed of your activities?

I've very nicely told you and your followers that I did not raise the matter
in Texas with the American authorities.

Isn't that enough to get you to remove a very insulting and defamatory

It really is not wise to continue along this path. I did warn you that I
would feel free to intervene in any thread where it was used.

The fact that it is embarrassing you that the President of the Cumbria Land
and Business Association has inadvertently tipped off the animal activists
that Britain's live sheep exports is illegal is beside the point.

They are illegal under EU law as Britain is in breach of the conditions. It
is not your fault that Defra have dropped yet another clanger.

Pat Gardiner

&gt; --
&gt; --
&gt; Jim Webster.
&gt; Pat Gardiner, now in the sixth year of raving about bent vets and still no
&gt; result

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