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#1: Two quick questions :)

Posted on 2006-07-23 10:28:50 by alves.paulo


A friend of mine came from italy and brought me 4 packs of rose seeds
and 6 pack of orchid seeds. I know you can grow roses and orchids from
seed, but I never did it before. I googled it and I found many
different ways (put in sand, put in cold, put in bags in the fridge,
put 1 day in the freezer... ...). Can anyone help me? When should I
sown the seeds and how? when to move them? I know it will take time,
but I want to try it for the fun...

I need to cover an area of 4 sqm with a small shrub (30-40cm height),
with or withouf flowers (preference with but does not matter) but I
want a redish color, the stronger the red the better. I though about
the dogwood, but it is not exacly what I want.

Thanks in advance


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